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We host LIVE Webinars

Occasionally, we will host LIVE webinars explaining our program and the life-changing benefits we hope to introduce you. We cover topics including retirement taxation, market risk management, and dangerous investment behaviors. We explain how these powerful forces could sink even the best retirement plan if not exposed. 


Check Out Our Previous Webinars Below

Below are some of the webinars that we have hosted in the past. You can watch them here, or click the button below to subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date with all of our videos.

"The Retirement Perfect Storm"

A major financial storm is that could seriously impact your retirement! We are predicting this storm will someday be referred to as "The Retirement Perfect Storm."

In the movie "The Perfect Storm,"  Captain Billy Tyne (George Cluney) and his crew ignored the weather forecast and headed out to sea to face one of the planet's most powerful Atlantic Hurricane. Hurricanes are forecasted weeks before they actually form. That is because meteorologists know what conditions are needed for hurricanes to develop. When offering early warnings, they carefully monitor ocean temperatures, atmospheric wind shear, and humidity levels. When a favorable tropical wave gets added to the mix, it's not long before the hurricane warning flags are raised.

We believe major financial disasters can also be forecasted well before they wreak havoc. Like hurricanes, financial disasters have their own set of conditions that must come together before the financial warning flags appear...oh, that's right, there are no such warnings! If there were such a thing,  we would all be battering down our financial hatches.

Ominus Financial Conditions Gathering:    

  • The National Debt recently surpassed $33,000,000,000,000! (financial oceans are boiling!)

    • The August 2023 interest on the National Debt was $808 Billion Dollars!

    • By 2053, the annual interest costs will be $5.4 Trillion!

    • The United States is at great risk of defaulting on this unsustainable indebtedness.

  • Social Security's "Trust Fund" will be exhausted in ten years!

    • Actions to be expected include benefits being cut by 25%​ or more!

    • Social Security generally replaces 30-40% of one's working-year income.

    • As of 2019, about half of American households had no retirement savings!

  • Baby Boomers have become complacent with market volatility...they have no escape plan.

    • Boomers own 56% of mutual fund wealth and total corporate equities!

    • The stock markets continue to hover near their all-time highs.

    • Is there enough upside gains to justify the downside risks?

Boomers Investment Strategy - Steady As She Goes Mates!

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