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We design custom financial blueprints that change the way people view their retirement assets. Our designs illustrate the impact of market volatility, retirement tax exposure and how detailed planning can optimize their golden-years. We often compare constructing a dream retirement to the construction of a dream home. No one would try to build a dream home without blueprints. Construction starts with vision. We help people envision their retirement, then we transfer that vision into a set of build-plans. When they love the final design, its time for our member Advisors to get busy building it!     

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Beautiful Math to the Rescue

We are architects and engineers of complex retirement plans.  Below is a snip of the calculations we utilize when creating our retirement blueprints. One session and you will no longer be afraid of how bad the markets will get.

Schematic view of our Blueprint

Schematic view of our Blueprint


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Retirement Architecture has never "managed" investment dollars, instead, we have dedicated our efforts to protecting retirement savings from taxation and market risk. Both of these harmful forces are now clear and present dangers to anyone hoping to retire today, this year or even fifteen years from now! Unprecedented government intervention has brought the stock market back from its March lows but what is next? Below you will find an updated narrative on the markets, the Federal Stimulus package and the long term projections from some of the top financial professionals across the industry.

Check out a full set of plans (actual size 18" x 24"):

Check out a full set of plans:

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The above screen-capture of the S&P 500 was taken at 5:00 PM EDST on June 2, 2020. Today's market close was up 37.69% from the March lows! Why is this important for you to see? Because we all need to put what's going on with our retirement savings in perspective. Everyone we have spoken with since COVID-19 took center stage is experiencing a rapid market rebound and many are "hoping" they'll recoup all the money they just lost. This is known as the "Disposition Effect"; something we have been warning people about for the last five-years! 

For those of you unfamiliar, the Disposition Effect is an investment behavior in which we celebrate winnings, even when capturing the winnings before a market top and, at the same time, its the behavior that will cause us to incur massive losses during this financial crisis hoping to get back what we feel we lost.  In short, the underlying behavior science is simple...we all hate to lose money! 

We are now in a very precarious position and there are a mountain of important questions. Will the markets continue to rebound or are they falling a "slope of hope" into a long bear market? What do the fundamentals tell us about this recent bounce? What kind of economy are going back into? What happens if COVID-19 surges again in the fall?

If you were affected by the recent market downturn, the truth is, you didn't lose anything, you just went back-in-time. Think about it, you didn't "make it" and you won't "lose it" until you sell your underlying holdings. At the March lows, you theoretically went back to the beginning of 2017, but with the recent "bounce" you are back to November 7th, 2019, less than one year ago! 

No one knows what will happen and we are not going to compete with those who have the latest version of the Magic 8-Ball. The markets are likely to experience a very rocky road ahead and this is where our retirement blueprints shine! We can help you put all this in perspective, we can help you see how this crisis plays out in your future. The truth is, every plan we have ever printed has a "COVID-19 like" market collapse already built-in. In fact, we will hand $10,000 to anyone possessing a blueprint from our company that does not have a year exactly like what we are experiencing already in the plan!  Ask your financial advisor if he/she will make that same offer.

Don't build a bomb shelter, buy bullets or start hoarding flour. This will pass, it may get worse, but it will pass. Why not be productive with your forced downtime and get a blueprint started? Until further notice, we will build you a custom retirement blueprint FREE OF CHARGE.  It's our way of helping you through these stressful times. 

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Updated 6.2.2020