"Designing Financial Plans That 

Achieve Retirement Dreams!"

Our Custom Retirement Guides are changing the way people view retirement planning. Think about it, constructing a dream retirement is in many ways as complex as building a dream home. Both require careful attention to detail, a solid team to design the perfect design and laser-focused pursuit of the final plan. If it works in constructing million-dollar homes, why not try it for your retirement?  

Our proprietary blueprints apply complex algorithms and logical future assumptions against one's current financial assets to "stress test" each year of life, We do this from today through the age of 100. Our assumptions include; market volatility, future taxation, inflation...we even include psychologically proven investment behavior. Our incredibly thorough blueprints expose the hurdles that can easily derail your retirement lifestyle and compromise your retirement dreams. This is an exercise everyone should complete well before the retirement years.

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“My Live.2.100™ plan mathematically proved I can retire at 64, and not at 68. This program is giving me four more years...on the good side of my retirement! I strongly recommend this amazing service. As promised, the service didn't cost me a cent!"

John M. Dayton,OH

Retirement Architecture Client

VP, Retirement Architecture

Joshua Breitmaier

"When my clients lean over and make notes on their blueprints I know they are fully engaged.  You can't "sell someone" a retirement strategy, you have to construct a plan that they can visualize. We you do that, they will allow you the privilege of guiding their retirement...I love this program!"

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"Designing Financial Plans
That Achieve 
Retirement Dreams"

A message from our Founder, President and CEO


Our proprietary Live.2.100 Blueprints apply complex proprietary algorithms that incorporate factors for market volatility, higher taxes, inflation, and even "investor behavior". Our massive Blueprints and supporting personalize guides expose factors that you can control and those that are likely to control You!